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Tips and Tricks for Multifamily Syndication with Danny Randazzo

In this episode (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN), Whitney interviews Danny Randazzo, Head of Acquisitions, Randazzo Capital. Danny invests in $2-$10 million commercial and multifamily investment opportunities that generate positive cash flow and value add opportunities. Danny shares how a solid educational foundation and goal setting helped him find success in real estate syndication. Can you syndicate a deal as a multimember LLC? How do you set goals that help you achieve clarity? Which are some promising asset classes and areas that syndicators can consider right now? Tune in for some great business advice!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:27] – Whitney introduces Danny to listeners
  • [01:10] – How did Danny transition to the syndication business? Learn how Danny sold everything he had and moved across the country to get his business going
  • [05:24] – Resources that gave Danny the confidence to venture into multifamily syndication
  • [07:19] – Should you get your wife on board to help you out with your syndication business?
  • [09:11] – How did Danny find his first deal?
  • [10:55] – Danny shares how he analyzed his first deal
  • [12:48] – Why did Danny opt for a multimember LLC for his first syndication deal? Learn why Danny had no need to opt for SEC filings
  • [15:16] – Which asset classes and areas is Danny targeting for his future investments?
  • [16:57] – How do syndicators deal with investors who wish to exit prematurely?
  • [19:02] – Setting goals will help you prepare your business plan to achieve more clarity
  • [20:32] – Reasons why Danny is preferring commercial property over single family homes
  • [22:21] – What is the #1 thing that has contributed to Danny’s success?
  • [22:47] – Danny reminds listeners that real estate involved is hard work
  • [23:48] – Which asset classes and target areas is Danny currently considering right now?
  • [24:57] – Danny shares his contact information
  • [25:16]– A special thanks to our sponsor, Life Bridge Capital

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. How to raise capital from investors who are willing to back you to the hilt
  2. The ART of structuring the best possible funding arrangement in real estate syndication
  3. The importance of building a good track record

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