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The Side Business Show Interview Part 1

Click HERE to listen to Danny’s interview on The Side Business Show with Ike Mutabanna

About the Interview

  • Full-time Manager with Deloitte Consulting
  • Built a side business that now controls over $4.5M in commercial and residential real estate
  • House Hacked while living in San Francisco and covered his entire living expenses


Danny Randazzo began his consulting career with Accenture’s U.S. consulting practice. After moving to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates to pursue an international project opportunity, he returned to the United States a year later. He then joined Deloitte where he currently works full-time providing financial consulting services. In 2013, Danny purchased a 3 bedroom 3 bath residence in the San Francisco Bay Area. He house-hacked his way to covering his living expenses and cost of the home itself. In this first part of the interview, Danny shares thoughts on how everyone can start building equity by house hacking.

Show Notes

  • Danny’s motivation to start a business [3:30]
  • Make creating financial security a priority while working a full time job [5:00]
  • Danny’s first experience with House Hacking in San Francisco [7:50]
  • How you can use House Hacking to save for your next investment or create a revenue stream [10:50]
  • House Hacking can work for individuals or a family [14:50]


  • Focus on your goals to reach the lifestyle you want to achieve [3:30]
  • Build an equity nest egg to purchase and start investing [7:50]
  • Find the right location to make house hacking work [13:06]

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