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Starting a Meet Up, Adding Value, & Making it Count

In the Fall of 2017, I started a real estate meet up in Charleston, SC based on encouragement from a mentor. My mentor suggested I start a meet up for several reasons which are:

  • Control your time (have the meeting work with your schedule and where you want to be)
  • Become a well-known connector of people
  • Gain thought leadership and authority in topics discussed
  • Give back to help others get started and close more real estate deals
  • Build relationships with like-minded individuals

My real estate breakfast meeting has been going strong and will continue to meet on the first and third Friday of each month. As the host, I get to know everyone who attends and determine what topics we speak about at each meeting. Here is a photo from a March 2019 meeting where I was speaking and sharing my experience on partnership structures and syndication fees.

We had a great turn out and really good feedback from attendees gaining a lot of value from their participation. My meet up has been successful and here are a few great outcomes we’ve had:

  • Multiple people closed their first deal once they started attending
  • Several people purchased apartment communities since joining
  • Phenomenal relationships and friendships have been formed
  • Attendees have a support network to share ideas and help each other close more deals
  • Connected hundreds of like-minded individuals
  • Many people invested in opportunities or partnered on deals through relationships built from the meeting

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