055: Young, Hungry & Determined Friday: The Importance of Income Streams [REPLAY]

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This is a replay of one of our most popular YHDF Episodes. Enjoy!

On Young, Hungry, & Determined Fridays, we talk about the most important strategies you can implement now to achieve your biggest, most ambitious goals. It’s not about being young – it’s about feeling young, excited, and determined to achieve whatever it is you dream of doing.

Today we’ll explore the importance of income streams, why you want streams with minimal disruption, and why real estate is Danny’s go-to income stream for building wealth. We’ll talk about a couple other options for income streams, too, and discuss how you can get started.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How having multiple income streams can help you be yourself, feel young, and pursue the things you love.
  • Why it’s ideal to have multiple income streams.
  • Examples of additional income streams that can supplement or replace your active income.
  • Why real estate is one of the most effective income streams you can add to your portfolio.

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