005: Investing Thursday: The 8 Step Guide to Close on Your First (Or Next) Investment Property

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Investing Thursdays lay the groundwork for you to become a real estate investor, grow your wealth, and secure financial freedom. 

Today Danny’s sharing his eight-step process for closing on an investment property so you can start investing, too. From determining what goal you want your investment to achieve, to rounding up a great team, to implementing your business plan, this eight-step guide covers all the bases. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What our 8 steps for finding, purchasing, and maintaining investment properties look like.
  • Why it’s so crucial to define what you’re looking for in a property before you start.
  • How to set a goal for your investment and create a business plan that supports that goal.
  • Why a great team and a good relationship with your property manager are crucial ingredients for a successful investment.
  • How to start implementing your business plan as soon as you close on your first (or next) property.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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  • Download our 8 Step Guide to Closing On Your First Investment Property!

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