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Networking is the #1 unwritten rule of success in business, and doubly so for those raising passive income for multifamily investing. During COVID-19, our networking has shifted to video chats and phone calls, but it won’t always be that way. Now is the time to start strategizing and planning for those face-to-face meetings, enabling you to be a networking hero, and placing you in a thought leadership position.

To help us navigate the networking waters, I’ve brought author, entrepreneur, host of a real estate mastermind, and national speaker, Danny Randazzo to talk with me today. Danny has over half a decade of professional experience working as a financial consultant, and years as a successful multifamily investor. Today, he and his company manage a $225MM portfolio, with over 400 investors and 2015 doors. Danny accredits much of his success to networking and connecting people so that they can move their business forward. Because of his dedication, expertise, and willingness to continuously learn, he has become a thought leader within the industry.

Though Danny gives some massive advice on networking, we also dive into what markets will thrive post-COVID-19 and why. Also, we discuss what the multifamily market will look like and the opportunities available post-COVID-19. 

Key Takeaways

  • Thought Leadership and how to build a personal brand presence
  • Moving out of a W2 job into real estate investing
  • How to start a local meet-up to network with other investors
  • Building a national network
  • How to expand your reach and influence
  • Building solid relationships with attorneys, lenders, insurance agents, brokers, real estate agents, and brokers, as well as highly experienced investors
  • How to start a local meetup
  • How to bring experts into your network: Being successful in raising money is based on the strength of your network
  • Ways you can bring your expertise and add value to a meet-up, which will build your credibility within the industry
  • Finding a partner at a meet-up
  • Learning more about multifamily passive investing
  • How the multifamily market has changed since COVID-19
  • What the future of multifamily will look like post-COVID-19
  • Mitigating your risk in multifamily
  • How to find deals after COVID-19 
  • Working creatively with your portfolio during and after COVID-19
  • Who will be getting the best deals in the second half of 2020?

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