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My Passion for Public Speaking

In February of 2019 I had the opportunity to speak for the second year in a row at the Best Ever Conference (BEC) which was amazing. The BEC is an event with about a thousand successful entrepreneurs and real estate fanatics who all want to learn, network and grow. I love being on stage and sharing valuable stories with listeners. I get a great feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment after I’m done speaking so it makes the preparation worth it!

Before I go on stage, I pace back and forth going through what I’m going to speak about. I try to run through my major three to five talking points to make sure my message is clear and understandable. My nerves do get a little tense and I do fake yawns to calm me and force myself to take deep breaths. I learned the fake yawn technique playing golf which helped me win tournaments and make putts or shots when I had to. I suggest you try doing fake yawns when you are nervous and need to calm yourself.

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