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How to Overcome Real Estate Challenges and Failure

Recently, I attended the Best Ever Real Estate Conference in Denver, CO and was asked to speak on a panel in front of more than 300 real estate investors. The panel was focused on helping others take the next leap in their real estate businesses. In the video, Joe Fairless asks me “what’s the worst thing that happened to me on a real estate deal and how did I approach it”. In the video you can learn about how to overcome real estate lender financing challenges, exploring additional loan guarantor options, overcoming investor conversation fears, overcoming failure, changing lenders during due diligence, how to extend due diligence while protecting your earnest money and why having solid relationships with multiple lenders will save a deal when you are under pressure to close.

Real estate is a powerful way to generate income streams and allow you to control your time. The Randazzo Capital motto is: To have a life that you don’t need a vacation from. If you invest correctly, real estate can compress your wealth creation time and help you achieve financial freedom. Real estate investing can provide your family with multiple streams of income for a lifetime. Randazzo Capital is based in Charleston, SC and can be reached at phone number 843-790-4245. We believe in capital preservation because we know how hard everyone works to earn their money.

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