Are you interested in investing with Danny?

After buying my first investment property, I knew I needed to help people invest in real estate so they can receive the great benefits real estate provides such as: monthly cash-flow, forced appreciation, and annual tax advantages. Whether you choose to partner as a passive investor or want to be an active investor, I’m here to help you make smart financial decisions. 

Today, my company controls more than $553,000,000 in real estate assets. I have written books on money management, run an investing blog, host a daily podcast on money, mindset, and investing, and am a national speaker. I have the experience, determination, success, and expertise needed to provide expert guidance and help you make sound investment decisions. If we work together, we will develop a long-term relationship because I value relationships more than money or returns. 

 If you are accredited and want to partner as a passive investor, then click the button below. If you want to be active investor, then you should join our MFIN premium group.