Danny is a real estate investor, author, entrepreneur, mastermind host, national speaker, podcast host, volunteer with The First Tee and world traveler.

 He retired from corporate America at age 30 after working as a financial consultant for over half a decade and building a real estate portfolio that generates monthly income to achieve financial freedom. 

Today his company controls over $220,000,000 in real estate assets. When Danny is not investing in real estate you can find him walking with his wife Caitlin and dog George or playing competitive golf.


"I trust Danny to do what he says he will do. I've known him for 4+ years and not only is he a person of character, but he is also a very savvy business person. If you partner up with him you are in good hands."

Joe Fairless


"I have worked with Danny on several real estate projects over the past couple of years.  Not only is Danny one of the smartest individuals I have ever met, he also has an extraordinary drive and passion for what he does.  Leading by example, Danny inspires myself and others to raise their own goals and expectations in order to achieve their full potential."

Kelli Garrett

Serial entrepreneur and real estate investor

"I’ve known Danny for years and must say, working with him has been an absolutely wonderful experience. He has a keen business sense and a tremendous wealth of real estate knowledge.  As a high-level real estate investor and business owner myself, he’s definitely a guy you want to work with, associate with and be around.  I highly recommend Danny to anyone who is looking to take their real-estate or their business to the next level."

Trevor McGregor

Real estate investor

Your mind is like a bank.

What you deposit is
what you can

- Warren Buffett

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